Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Atlas Sound

In May 2010 I went to a music festival - ATP Curated by Pavement. It was awesome, and there were many highlights and I'd like to share one. I'll tell it as I recall it, but I am starting to doubt myself some now! :)

Saturday evening, the main band Pavement played for 2 hours. I loved every second of it. It was exhilarating. I had only heard of the band a few years ago, some years after they had broken up. So for me, I thought I had missed the chance to see them, and that was one of the reasons it was a special weekend.

Anyway, Pavement played on Saturday about 8-10pm, and later we went to see Atlas Sound who was on at about midnight. Atlas Sound is the solo project of Bradford Cox, who is known for his work in the band Deerhunter. This show was a real treat. It was his birthday, and the crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' to him, as he did a cute little dance around the stage <3 and told us his mum would be really pleased to see how nice we were to him.

He shared with us a story from his youth. Of trying to learn the guitar, hanging out in town with friends and getting high, trying to impress someone he liked, and getting turned off when he learned of the dude's music taste. He had learned 'We Dance' by Pavement, and failed to impress his love interest.

Anyway, he shared this song with us, that we had already heard that night, played by Pavement, the band responsible for it. And it was a seriously cool moment.

I'd like to add that the Youtube user who uploaded this video is a hero. He/she always seems to upload great quality videos of the bands I saw at ATP.


  1. aww he's cute!! cool post sounds like such fun (:

  2. WOW, now that´s a superb quality video and audio!!

    Glad you had fun, and I´m finding out new artists through this

    Thank you :)

  3. great background on this, bro!